07 April 2017

Featured Artist: Mila Belle, Orange County, FL

Mila Belle is the 4th. place winner at the 2017 Women in the Arts Inc. competition "Celebrating the Genius of Women" at the Orlando Public Library in Orlando, Florida.

       Mila Belle, "Damiana",  Ceramic, 12 x 13 x 5.5 in.

Mila Belle | Orange County, FL
Artist statement
“My type of art mirrors my life, a continuous exploration of both the outer and inner worlds, of technique, of medium, of language, and perception. 
These particular pieces represent finding a deeper connection to the natural world, the earth, its rhythms, its creatures, its voice. I have come to an awareness about my own seat of consciousness within the human experience. As an observer and participant of this human experience, I feel the dynamic tension between living as an animal with instinctual forces and living as a human with intellectual forces. The two worlds existing simultaneously within one being, this is the human condition, this is the duality. I have come to understand that often the source of my suffering has been an inner battle of these two forces always at odds with each other, an inner battle. If one side wins over another, I am knocked out of balance and live as a creature defeated and confused. It is only with the knowledge of this dynamic resistance that i can y seek a balance between these two worlds. 
The women depicted in these works of art exhibit a strength that is rooted in their acceptance and acknowledgement of the responsibility that comes with an acute awareness that extends both micro and macro-cosmically. These women understand and accept their seats of power within the duality of human existence. Each woman embodies with pride animal characteristics, she channels a certain aspect of the natural world holding it in balance with the human constructs of the mind. These women warriors lead the way through transmitting the wisdom of the ancient while also staying in the context of the present state of the world. The inner balance that they hold between opposing forces is also expressed and translated into their roles within their families, tribes, communities, and nations. These women warriors are here to transform the patriarchal narrative of fragmented reality, of separation, exclusion, injustice and war. ”

Stetson University BA in Humanities, Minor in Fine Arts.
Full Sail University AS in Digital Media; have taken courses through Ox-Bow School of Art, ARTIS study abroad, and Crealdé School of Art. 
Recent exhibitions and awards
New Works from Crealdé’s Emerging Artist Program: Photography, Ceramics and Sculpture.

The Women in the Arts exhibition "Celebrating the Genius of Women" is on view until April 23, 2017 at the Orlando Public Library, 101 E. Central Blvd., Orlando, Florida 32801. 

Contact: Mike Donohue 407 835-7483 | Community Relations, OCPL
Contact Maria Guerrero: womeninthearts@gmail.com | Women in the Arts Inc.

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