09 February 2017

The Art of Phyllis A. Taylor, "Pannet"

Enjoy this selection of works as Phyllis gives an exclusive insight into her creative process.

Phyllis A. Taylor, “Pannet” is a past local honoree at Women in the Arts’ “Celebrating the Genius of Women” art competition at the Orlando Public Library.

1-Love Called My Name.jpg
"Love Called My Name"
Mixed Media (Acrylics, Collage, Inks & Pastels)  20x24 in.

“This piece is one of my "Divine Feminine" series and I used it to help clarify and let go of some unwanted "baggage" in my life. It is inspired by the iconic story of Mary Magdalene.

The dark area in the lower right corner is the "tomb" where I buried all that I wanted to release from my life, for 2017. There are collaged pieces of paper with those things written on them in the tomb.

The pieces of paper collaged throughout her hair are the things I affirmed for my life going forward, because I heard "Love Calling My Name". The still small voice within each of us.”

1-Awakening Goddess.jpg
"Awakening Goddess"
Mixed Media (Acrylics and Pastels)  25x31 in.

“I began this piece as a mixed media abstract painting with no portrait intended. Yet as I was making marks on the paper I began to see eyes questioning me, asking me what I was doing? As I stepped back to take in the whole piece I saw her there, coming forth from within the painting.

Mixed Media is new to me, an adventure to move me from my comfort zone of "classical portraiture". I thought I was doing away with the portrait part all together but there she was showing up to remind me of my passion for portraits.

She awakened in me another part of my life journey. As I move into my seventieth year I am on a quest to heal all the broken parts of me, to reforge myself in the fires of growth and rise to new, higher levels acknowledging all the fierceness, fabulousness and Divine femininity that exists in me and in all women!

My "Awakening Goddess" is 18x24 unframed (with her present frame she is 25x31) and was created using a mix of acrylics, soft pastels and a bit of India ink. She is one of a body of work I am creating on the Divine Feminine.”

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