15 January 2019

New work by Jacolien de Jong

One of the most rewarding aspects of holding the annual art competition "Celebrating the Genius of Women" is to welcome new artists and to keep connected with past participants and honorees.

Such is the case with Jacolien de Jong from The Netherlands. Jacolien received recognition at the 2016 Women in the Arts Awards at the Orlando Public Library, in the international category and has kept close to us since then.

It is my pleasure to share with you some of Jacolien's new drawings from her series: "Leaves On My Mind". 

Jacolien writes:

"For my latest work, a series of drawings titled ‘’Leaves On My Mind’’ my most important inspiration is found in nature.

As a child I collected flowers and leaves to dry them in books. I do a lot of hiking in the Netherlands and abroad. I am touched by the beauty of structures in leaves.

I collect leaves of plants and trees and use them as material in my artwork.

My recent artworks are mixed media on paper. I use different drawing materials together with paint, ink and organic material (the leaves of plant and trees) on paper. In my drawings I integrate leaves as material to visualise the human mind , body and brain."



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